Adorable two-year-girl who lost all limbs to meningitis given doll with same prosthetics -

Adorable two-year-girl who lost all limbs to meningitis given doll with same prosthetics

An adorable toddler who lost all her limbs to meningitis has been given a cute new dolly which has prosthetic legs and arms — just like the brave two-year-old.

Harmonie-Rose Allen was struck down by deadly meningitis B last September, when she was just ten-months-old.

Doctors told her parents Freya Hall, 22, and Ross Allen, 24, that Harmonie’s case was one of the worst they had ever seen and gave her a ten per cent chance of survival.

Miraculously, brave Harmonie-Rose defied the odds and beat the killer bug – but lost her arms, legs and the tip of the nose in the process.

Now her parents from Bath, Somerset, have rewarded her bravery by buying her a specially-made doll from America which has matching amputations and prosthetics.

Freya said: “The dolls name is Rebecca. She loves it and she says ‘she’s like me mummy!’

“The company that makes then changes many dolls for children so it’s just like them and that did one for her.

“It will encourage Harmonie to use her own prosthetic legs because she’s not the only one.

“She’s already so happy that the doll is just like her.

“Also because she’s never met a quadruple amputee in her life it’s nice to show her they do exist.”

Harmonie-Rose was rushed into hospital on September 28 last year, just ten days after she took her first steps.

She was put on a life support machine and given a ten per cent chance of survival by doctors, who later had to remove her arms and legs.

The youngster was fitted with her first pair of prosthetic limbs last November and is on her way to taking her first steps unaided.

The unique doll was made by American company A Step Ahead Prosthetics and it was given to Harmonie this week to reward her bravery during a recent hospital stay.

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