A Baby Who Survived A Brain Tumour The Size Of Two Oranges Returns Home In Time For First Birthday -

A Baby Who Survived A Brain Tumour The Size Of Two Oranges Returns Home In Time For First Birthday

A baby boy who survived a giant brain tumor celebrates his first birthday surrounded by his family and hundreds of birthday cards from well-wishers all over the world.

After ten operations to remove a large brain tumor ‘the size of two oranges,’ baby Roux Owen was finally discharged from the hospital just in time for his first birthday.

People from all over the world sent birthday cards to the hospital where Roux had spent months since being diagnosed with teratoma.

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Roux’s father, Antony, said: “We were overwhelmed with the number of cards we received. We’ve had hundreds from all around the world, as far away as Nigeria. He has touched so many people.

“It seems strange but the love and support we have had from people means we’ve never felt alone during all this.”

It was in November 2019 when Roux was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

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After eight major surgeries, the giant tumor was removed and he was starting to recover. But after a shunt inserted in his head to get rid of excess fluid became blocked and infected, he had to undergo two operations.

“The tumour was 10cm long and it grew cysts. A surgeon said to me it is the sort of thing they would see one in a career, if it all,” Antony expressed.

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“The doctors said that his development is a bit behind and his motor skills and his core strength aren’t what they should be,” Antony said.

“They said they can’t say for sure if there is anything he won’t be able to do, until it comes to that point in his development.

“He is such a happy, settled boy and he is doing things and hitting his milestones, just a bit later than he normally would have. But he has spent around six months in a hospital bed, so that is probably why.”

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The parents are now hoping to make up for lost time and enjoy life together with their two kids, who have barely seen each other.

“The last year has just been as hard for Noah, I can’t imagine what it has felt like for him.

“Noah and Roux have got a close bond, but they should have spent the last doing all the things that brothers should do.

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“We’re really looking forward to seeing them together, that’s the thing we’re looking forward to the most.”

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