'Basketball Girl' With No Legs Becomes Champion Swimmer Read -

‘Basketball Girl’ With No Legs Becomes Champion Swimmer Read

Meet a girl, who lost both legs in a tragic accident, but became an inspiration for thousands of disable people in China.

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The girl got into an accident in 2000 and nearly lost her life

Qian Hongyan, from Yunnan, south west China, was only four years old when she got into an accident in 2000 and nearly lost her life. Miraculously, the girl survived but lost half of her body and had to use a basketball ball instead of her legs.

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In 2009 she joined a local swimming club for disabled

She learnt to ‘walk’ on her hands using wooden pads with handles and a basketball for balance. Qian’s family could not afford a pair of prosthetic legs and the girl spent many years of her childhood on a ball. Since then she was dubbed the ‘Basketball Girl’ by neighbours.

Her dream was to compete in the 2012 Paralympics in London

In 2005 her story touched millions of people around the globe, whose donations gave Qian a chance to travel to Beijing and get her first pair of legs. Two years later she joined a swim club for disabled and began training to fulfil her dream of competing in the 2012 Paralympics in London.

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18-year-year Qian using her prosthetic feet

Now the super girl can boast of one gold medal and five silver medals in the Chinese National Paralympics and continued to win medals in following years. She is the girl, who changed social attitude to disabled people in China and became an inspiration icon of incredible strength and perseverance.

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