Emotional Story Of Burn Survivor And Her Baby Girl -

Emotional Story Of Burn Survivor And Her Baby Girl

This burn survivor has gone viral for her touching story. According to Compassion IG page

Carmen was 6 months pregnant when she faced severe burns that changed her life forever.

“The reality is that I still don’t know what happened. I was used to driving the motorcycle,” says Carmen. “I reacted when I found myself on the ground covered in fire. I put out the fire on my body by myself. Nobody helped me.

When I got to the hospital in Santo Domingo, the doctor told me that he had to amputate my left arm immediately because it was too burned, but the only thing I thought about was my baby. I was just a few weeks from completing seven months of my #pregnancy.

I thank God that today I have my daughter and also my arm, even though I can’t use it. My baby is healthy, has a good weight, is very clever and is almost walking. Sometimes I get sad, but I give thanks to the Lord because probably if I had not had that accident, I wouldn’t have a family as the Child Survival program family is for me.”

Of 12 people hospitalized at the burn unit while Carmen was there, she was the only survivor. Her daughter, Karla, weighed only one-and-a-half pounds at birth, but they both continue to recover and preserve. ??❤️

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